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Sweet Tina's

Kristina Lila - Single Mom, Baker, Holistic Chef


I am happy you are here! 

I am finally embracing my sweeter side. After years of focusing my efforts on my Mediterranean kitchen, it is time to offer my beloved desserts, tried and tested for the last 20 years, by those closest to me. 

My love for baking stems from watching my Grandma Lila on her trips to Chicago to visit my family and me growing up, where she magically mixed and kneaded the most amazing from scratch desserts and breads that I have ever tasted. 

She baked with love and had a talent that I didn't truly understand until now.

My organic desserts are thoughtfully made, ingredients are organic and sourced locally, and each batch is crafted with love and appreciation.

Being a single mom, starting Sweet Tina's has been an experience, a challenge, and a blessing all in one, and I am extremely grateful for every order placed.

I hope my desserts warm your hearts and bellies, and that you keep coming back for more. Small and Large batch orders available for pick up and delivery.

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