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My first Zoom Cooking Class!


Cooking in your own home but with me! 

I can not wait to get into my kitchen with you and teach you my Mediterranean ways. 


Mediterranean food is known as the healthiest cuisine in the world. With ingredients that boost hair, skin and nail health, to fighting overall inflammation in the body, lowering risk of cardiovascular issues, and many other chronic conditions, it really is the epitome of good eating.  I feel the Mediterranean way of cooking is very intentional, we enjoy the art of our creating and savor each bite with respect for our culture and history.  


Mediterranean cuisine focuses in on more of a plant forward eating with legumes, fruits and vegetables at the forefront of our dishes and with moderate amounts of fish and seafood, and some lean meats.  It is a more sustainable way of cooking and eating in terms of the environment also. If you care about agriculture and the impact on the environment it is a great way to cook aligned with your beliefs. 


Our first recipe will be my Mediterranean style WHOLE Branzino ( or local fish available). 

With this purchase and download, you will first receive a Grocery List,  and following thereafter, a more detailed ingredient list for the day of cooking. 


** Once your purchase has been made please email me at with your full name, email address, and a screen shot of your purchase. You will then receive the grocery list and zoom link. 


Our cooking day will be Sunday, March 17 at 5 pm



Hope to see you there! 


Cooking Class with Kristina from The Modern Organic Life

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