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warm + cozy in a cup

Luckily for me I am not a coffee drinker which saves me money and allows me to dodge the many sugars, syrups, and unhealthy additives you may pick up in a Starbucks run. even with that being said, at times I feel super left out of during coffee dates with friends. This recipe turned out to be absolutely delicious all while feeding my cravings for coffee dates, and feeding my muscles a load of plant based protein, BCAAs, glutamine, and probiotics which are perfect post gym day.

ingredients :

1/2 teaspoon organic fresh grated or dried/ground turmeric

fresh ginger grated (about half a teaspoon)

coconut milk (warmed stove top) 1/2 cup

coconut water (non-pasteurized) good size splash

1/4 teaspoon organic vanilla extract

dairy free kefir ( I used plain cashew based) about half a cup

vegan vanilla protein powder (1/2 -1 scoop)

flax seeds/organic coconut meat flakes/cinnamon for topping


heat coconut milk on stovetop. in blender add all of the ingredients besides the toppings and blend on mix until thick yet smooth. pour into mug and top sparingly with toppings along with a bit more turmeric

  •  as long as you have a smoothie type consistency you’re good to go!

enjoy your vegan latte!

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