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Mexican-Style Stuffed Peppers *vegan option too

keep in mind these amazing stuffed peppers are easily vegan by trading the choice of meat to choice of beans!  black beans were my choice as i made this recipe both ways.  so yum! also please opt for the toppings of your choice.  i go dairy free, obviously you can make your own decisions with that!

1 pound ground meat (i used lean organic turkey in half and in half i did vegan style with black beans)

yellow or white onion


bell peppers of choice (i did red and orange: red have the most antioxidants and are an amazing skin food)

olive oil

brown rice and or quinoa

cheese (i love and used the soso delicious coconut milk shredded cheeses) otherwise mexican-style or cheddar will do


coconut milk yogurt in plain (sour cream for my people that love dairy, greek plain yogurt for those that don’t mind dairy but want a healthier option)

taco seasonings as well as chili powder, cayenne powder. turmeric

one can of organic tomato sauce (here u can also steam some tomatoes, remove skin, and smash, and make your own sauce)

one large deep pot

steamer (optional but recommended)

one large pan

baking dish


decide if you would like to boil your peppers or steam  steam is recommended as it keeps all of the peppers amazing health benefits intact and provides you with the most amount of vitamins nutrients and antioxidants.. i add water to the large pot, add steamer to pot, and bring to boil with light salt added. if you are boiling, add water, enough to cover peppers when added, bring to boil.  while water comes to boil, cut the tops off of the peppers and deseed. place the peppers into the steamer and or pot, steam or boil until peppers are just tender.  remove from pot.  place peppers into a baking dish.

while your peppers are steaming,  saute meat and/or beans of choice along with a little onion, garlic, and seasonings mentioned above, excluding the taco seasoning. when cooked thoroughly, add taco seasoning (i usually only use half a pack especially with beans) and a little bit of water (think your regular taco recipe, approximately 2/3 cup) . mix well and let simmer.  i also add a little fresh lime juice (1/2 or 1 whole lime)

i usually will opt for brown rice or quinoa to mix into my deliciously smelling meat or beans. cook these as directed and add to pan.  mix well.   add in tomato sauce, enough to coat mixture, usually about 1/2 or 3/4 of a can  save the rest for topping!

add mixture to peppers, top with the rest of the tomato sauce, add cheese, and bake on 350 for approximately 20 min or until cheese is melted to your liking.   remove from oven and add sour cream/yogurt and fresh cilantro.   enjoy!!

** i never discard the tops of my peppers, i either cut them up and add them to my mixture, or throw them into the steamer and the oven along with the peppers and add to the tops of my plated dish**

i’m greek… we don’t waste food!

happy eating!!!


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