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Fight the Bloat

So many women struggle with belly bloat.  At times, my sister and I even share our  “I look like I’m four months pregnant selfies”.  Though we joke around, its a serious issue for many women, especially around “that time of the month”.  It isn’t just the unpleasant visual part of the bloat that is bothersome, but also just that overall feeling of being bloated and uncomfortable.  So what can you do to fight the bloat? The last answer most of us think of is food.  Let thy food be thy medicine… one of my all time favorite quotes and if you are a follower of the Modern Organic Life  you know that most of your common ailment cures are just a step away, in your kitchen.

Eating the right foods, is the issue for most of us.   A perfect little detox for any time of the month can include some of these bloat fighting ingredients listed below. Also keep in mind, cutting out sodium and simple white carbs helps tremendously.

Cranberries help with water retention.  The fruit contains no cholesterol and is low in fat and sodium. Cranberries are a source of iron, potassium, calcium, vitamins A, B and C and folic acid. Calcium, potassium and magnesium are minerals that play a crucial part in your body’s ability to maintain the proper fluid balance.  They even help in weigh loss. 

Cantaloupe + other melons are high in potassium which help regulate sodium levels in the body, and have a high water percentage which helps eliminate toxins in the body.

Almond Butter is loaded with healthy fats and fiber, and eating almonds actually helps prevent cravings.

Bananas are loaded with potassium, as many of us know, but what does that actually mean?….Potassium helps your body get rid of extra sodium and helps regulate extra water weight.

Spinach + dark leafy greens contain fiber which makes you feel fuller longer and helps with constipation.

Greek Yogurt is something you will most definitely find in my kitchen on any given day.  A natural probiotic it helps battle bouts of digestion issues, bloating in particular.  It regulates the gut, and helps reduce hunger cravings.  Let us not forget the amazing hydrating and soothing elements is possesses  for our outer beauty as well.   Just make sure you are always purchasing “plain” yogurt.  Added fruit in store bought flavors means added sugar and other unecessary ingredients.  You can always add your own fresh organic fruits.

Water flushes our bodies of toxins, drinking 8 glasses of purified or spring water a day helps fight bloat and leaves you with beautiful skin.

Magnesium  has been proven to help in the fight against the bloat.   Good sources of magnesium include nuts, whole grains, dark chocolate and leafy, green vegetables. It is also available as a supplement.

Ginger is my all time favorite tummy trick secret and though, at times its hard to swallow, it by far is the best gut balancer out there.  Whether its to fight bloat, cure an upset stomach, help motion sickness,  improve absorption of nutrients throughout the body, assist in food digestion, fight inflammation in the body, cure morning sickness and help with preventing cold and flu, ginger is a root that has helped naturally heal humans and animals for thousands of years.  It is also used in ovarian cancer remedies and has shown to slow the growth of masses in colorectal cancer cells.

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