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Don't tell Yia Yia, This is my modern-day Avgolemono Hack

My Yia Yia (Greek grandma) would slap me for this, but it is too easy and good not to share...

I dedicate most days to my organic kitchen. I dedicate most of my time to traditional, time consuming, made with love recipes, but let's be honest and nice to each other, as a single mom (like me) or just a working normal human (parent or not), these days we don't always have five hours to cook soup. That shouldn't mean we can't still enjoy good, homemade love in a bowl. Comfort food, let us find a way to still enjoy it, but some days,,,, make it fast!

I live for soups. When I moved to Florida it was like I stopped eating it. I didn't really even realize it until I traveled home to Chicago one fall. I ordered soup and was like "oh my gosh I miss this". Seeing that it is hot as all hell in Florida most days, I guess I just never thought to really make it.

I love Avgolemono. It is by far my favorite soup. It is a cure all remedy and a heart-warming soup in most Traditional Greek Kitchens. I created this recipe, so that you can enjoy this traditional soup, homemade, in a matter of minutes. Just Don't tell YiaYia!


3 cups Organic Low Sodium Chicken Broth (I always make my own bone broth but we are saving time here people)

Himalayan Pink Salt or Sea Salt

2 cups Cooked Organic White Rice (I personally love basmati in all greek dishes)

2-3 Pasture- raised egg yolks at room temperature

2 large lemons

1 tbsp Oregano

2 cooked Organic Chicken Breasts shredded, *to really save time buy an organic rotisserie chicken from Whole Foods.

Organic chopped fresh dill


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