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Dirty Deodorant

Sweating is your bodies way of releasing toxins and regulating temperature.  Its also a way to help prevent infection.  There are two kinds of sweat glands in our bodies.  Eccrine glands are found throughout our entire bodies and mainly are our way of releasing heat and cooling our bodies overall temperature.  Appocrine glands are mainly found under our arms and in our groin areas and though they also help regulate heat, they are more so effected by our hormone changes and stress.

Imagine sweating.  Imagine those glands opening up trying to rid your body of toxins and heat.  Glands that open to smaller glands; lymph-nodes, which are a major part of the immune system, ridding our body of bacteria, viruses, and foreign substances.  Now imagine everyday that you wake up and rub toxic poison all over those glands that you count on to rid your body of disease.   Do you use conventional deodorants?… Guess what you are doing?….

What’s in deodorant?

Parabens – linked to breast cancer – disturb the bodies hormonal balance

Aluminum – acts as a “plug” in sweat glands stopping the natural excretion of sweat – absorbed by the skin – increases the growth of breast cancer cells

Silica – carcinogen (cancer-causing) – skin irritant

Talc – carcinogen

Triclosan – skin irritant – kills good and bad bacteria in the body – listed by the FDA as a pesticide and possible carcinogen

Propylene Glycol – can cause kidney failure and damage to the liver, heart and nervous system – allergen

TEA/DEA – banned in several countries – cancer causing – effects kidney and liver function

Do you know what this means now?  Ready to toss your “Secret” ,”Dove”, or “Degree”?

My favorite all organic non-toxic deodorant is actually found in a pretty awesome place…my favorite place to be exact…. yep you got it. the kitchen!  So grab a mason jar and get to mixin’!

Most recipes online call for you to heat down the oil in the microwave!!!! What??!!! NO!!! Stop right there!  Heat from your microwave, is going to break down the molecular structure (aka take away all the goodness in your coconut oil) .  If you think melting down your oil a bit will help you mix your ingredients better, leave a little oil out in the sun for a few minutes, or in the bathroom with you while you shower.  I would advise not melting down the oil completely either way.

Recipe 1:

3 tablespoons organic unrefind coconut oil

2 tablespoons shea butter

1 tablespoons aluminum free baking soda

2 tablespoons organic corn starch

8 drops essential oil of choice

Recipe 2:

5 tablespoons coconut oil

1 tablespoons beeswax

1 tablespoon aluminum free baking soda

6 tablespoons arrowroot

8 drops essential oil of choice

No time to mix?.. local organic health food stores and the beloved internet sell great options

Bubble and Bee’s Tea Tree Pit Putty

The Honest Company Deodorant



LaVanila Healthy Deodorants

Jason Deodorant

*Antiperspirants stop sweat; Deodorants stop stink! The products and recipes above are deodorants.

Smell ya later!…. or maybe not!


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