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Amazing Aloe

Most of us know that aloe vera is great for our skin. But many of us opt for store bought, after "sun", bottled aloe, which has usually been stripped of its actual endless, amazingly wonderful benefits.

Aloe vera (also known as barbados aloe, medicine plant, lily of the desert), is a plant that is well known worldwide for its ability to heal. Its inner mucus-like sap, called gel, is rich in over 200 nutrients known to be beneficial to our health. It is commonly found in "better beauty" products, because it naturally balances the ph of the skin. The plants enzymes soften the skin by removing dead skin cells and increases moisture, which both help fight the signs of aging.

Aloe vera is one of the oldest known therapeutic herbs. Over 2000 years ago, a Greek Historian wrote that aloe vera was an effective treatment for everything from constipation to burns and kidney ailments. The inner chamber of the plant leaf is made up of clear pulp, and is believed to hold the most wound healing agents. Aloe has been used widely in Holistic Health Medicine in the treatment of HIV, as it buffers the virus from entering one cell to the next, inhibiting the virus from moving throughout the body. The effect is to stabilize the life force, thereby, contributing to balancing the blood. It is believed to boost the immune system by balancing the pH of the blood and also increases digestion and absorption.

Aloe vera juice was recommended in treating certain types of burns, such as third degree x ray burns, and more recently, it has been advocated in treating atomic radiation burns.

It has properties for promoting the removal of dead skin and stimulating the normal growth of living cells. During the healing process, it can stop pain and reduce the chance of infection and scarring and is especially beneficial for first and second degree thermal burns. Aloe Vera is excellent for absorbing toxins and promoting growth of friendly colon bacteria.

Aloe is known to help/heal the following :

  • Abrasions

  • acne

  • hiv (whole leaf aloe only)

  • allergies

  • anemia

  • asthma

  • athlete's foot

  • bed sores

  • bleeding

  • blood cleansing

  • bowel movements

  • bruises

  • burns

  • canker sores

  • chicken pox itch

  • colitis

  • constipation

  • denture sores

  • deodorant

  • digestion issues

  • dryness

  • eczema

  • fever blilsters

  • flu

  • hair growth

  • headahce

  • increases oxygen to the heart

  • heartburn

  • hemorrhoids

  • herpes

  • inflammation

  • insect bites or stings

  • jaundice

  • leg ulcers

  • pain

  • pink eye

  • pin worms

  • pimples

  • poison ivy and oak

  • psoriasis

  • radiation burns

  • ringworm

  • scar tissue

  • shingles

  • skin eruptions

  • stomach

  • sores

  • sunburn

  • tapeworm

  • thermal burns

  • tinnitus

  • ulcers

  • varicose veins

  • weaning

  • wounds

  • wrinkling of skin

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